About Me

I am a 31 year old professional photographer who travels the world taking photos and volunteering with nonprofits. In 2016 I decided to leave my decade long career as a graphic designer to pursue my dream of turning my lifelong hobby of photography into my profession. The last few years have been life changing to say the least and I have worked, traveled and lived all over the world most recently in Central America, Africa, South East Asia and Turkey.

I met my partner Kellie while documenting a school she founded in Kenya, and when we are not abroad adventuring we spend life in a cozy Yurt tucked into the mountains of Durango Colorado where she works as a nurse and I shoot weddings. I love the outdoors, art, travel, volunteering, vintage motorcycles and a whole lot more so feel free to contact me with any questions, collaborations or just to chat!

General Contact Email: petejdesign@gmail.com
General Contact Phone: 970-880-2153

Weddings & Engagements: